You probably don’t know this, but turtles are disgusting.

I didn’t know this either until I moved in with somebody who had a turtle tank in the living room.

It was my cousin. And he was looking for a roommate. I signed the lease without realizing that the smell of his turtles would be such an issue.

But, about a week after moving in. The smell started to hit me.

First I didn’t really know what it was. But soon enough, it became apparent that it was the turtles, a fishy musty moldy poopy smell.

The first thing I did, of course, was ask my cousin/roommate to clean up whatever was causing the smell. My cousin agreed.

But then you know what he did? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So I looked into air fresheners and candles. But they barely covered the smell. Instead, they just made everything smell like turtle poo in lavender and vanilla, which was worse.

Not to mention, my cousin caught me spraying air freshener and he started yelling about how they’re so bad for pets. And just because turtles are scaly doesn’t mean they’re not pets.

I have a cat too, so I reluctantly agreed.

I begged him once again to clean the cage, but he refused, saying he was busy and that he would do it later.

So after he left the room, I started to clean it myself. Only about an 1/8th of the way through, scrubbing the glass, my cousin came barging out of his room once again, saying not to touch the turtles. He said I could kill them by messing up the pH of the water in their delicate ecosystem

The next time I came out of my room in the living room. The turtles were gone. But the smell wasn’t.

I walked back into the hallway and realized that my cousin had moved the stinky bomb into his room to prevent me from cleaning it.

Boy, did that make my blood boil. But I didn’t want to start a family feud. By moving out. I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with my cousin forever. So I resolved to find him a better solution.

I finally found the solution in the oddest place – my cat’s vet’s office.

In my vet’s waiting room I noticed something odd…

Even with all the animals that come through there every single day – the place didn’t smell at all. How is that even possible?

My Vet, Luke, explained something life-changing when I asked him, “Honestly the chemicals in those air fresheners are way worse than you could imagine.

“I’ve even had a dog pass away because an air freshener that was labeled ‘pet friendly’ accidentally got sprayed onto his food.

“In my opinion, it’s criminal what those big air freshener companies are doing.

“I know exactly how you feel though.

“Even as a vet, it can be embarrassing when your place of business or home smells like dirty animals, and for the most part it’s really tough to get rid of.

“Since I couldn’t in good conscious use air fresheners, I used what I learned from my undergrad degree in molecular biology and started doing some research on alternatives since you can’t trust what the companies say anymore

“After a few research papers, I stumbled upon something called Airjoi Bamboo Charcoal Bags

“The bamboo charcoal contains millions of little pores that act as a sort of magnetic sponge for odors, bacteria and moisture.

“It made a lot of sense because we even feed charcoal to pets when they are poisoned.

“The science was sound so I got a few for my office.

“They’re completely natural and non-toxic so even if your pet decides to eat them they’ll be perfectly fine.

“All you need to do is place 1 bag in every small room and recharge them once a month by putting them out in the sun.

“Then they should take care of your smell problems for up to 2 years

“You can honestly use these anywhere, I even have them for my laundry room, bathroom and car.”

I had to get rid of the smell. It was just too unbearable otherwise.

Wanting to do it the fast and easy way, I listened to my vet and immediately ordered myself a few of these charcoal bags and begged my cousin to put them in his room. He agreed, reluctantly.

Plus, they had a money back guarantee if they didn’t work.

They arrived sooner than I expected. And worked better than I expected too!

To my amazement, I came back from work and noticed a huge difference!

Even my cousin was grateful not to have to live with the turtle stink anymore either.

“To tell the truth,” he said, “I think the stinkiness of the turtles has put a damper on my dating life, hopefully it all works out now.”

The charcoal bags continued to work for a month or so, then I noticed the smell coming back so I recharged them in the sun like my vet suggested – then they worked good as new.

They’ve saved me so much money, stress – and my nose! And best of all, my relationship with my cousin!

That’s why I am sharing my story. If Airjoi can work for the hellish stink of turtles, then it could work for any other smells too. I highly recommend it!

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