My grandpa was dying.

And all we could do was watch.

He kept getting sick over and over again, and going to the hospital. Every single time, we were afraid he wouldn’t make it. When we asked what was wrong, the doctors always said that he had fecal infections from bad hygiene.

Put simply, they said that he was eating his own poop, because he couldn’t keep himself clean.

No matter how many times we asked him, Grandpa always denied it. He said he washed his hands every time, and was so careful. But still, he kept getting sick.

The last time he was in the hospital, the doctor said that we should just stick him in a nursing home, since he couldn’t take care of himself.

Grandpa got so agitated at that they had to sedate him. He said, “You’re not taking em out of the house I built myself!!”

But after he was sedated he was finally calm. The doctor just shook his head at us and left the room.

Finally, the nurse in the corner spoke up.

“He shouldn’t talk to you like that,” she said quietly, “And there’s nothing worse for someone like your Grandpa to move into an old folk’s home. It’s practically a death sentence.”

“What can I do?” I asked her, feeling hopeless and about to cry.

“Well, the big corporations and medical industry don’t want you to know, but there is a way to clear toxins from the air in your home that is affordable, natural, and extremely effective,” she said.

“Really? What is it?” I asked.

“It’s called Airjoi bamboo charcoal,” she said, and then looked around like a prisoner, “But you have to promise not to tell the doctor I told you about it.”

“Of course!” I said, “But can you tell me more about it?”

“Well, the Airjoi bamboo charcoal bags are the greatest, most scientifically optimized charcoal air purifiers on the planet,” she said, “They are super discreet and lightweight, so you can place them anywhere you have problems, but most definitely in the bathroom.”

“Can that really help from all this poop nonsense?” I asked.

“I am sure of it,” she said with a smile, “My husband used to get the same infections from our toilet plume, and once we brought Airjoi into our lives, it was never a problem again.:

“What’s a toilet plume? The doctor said that Grandpa just had bad washing habits,” I said.

“The toilet plume is honestly disgusting, and I hate to tell people about it because it changes how they look at bathrooms forever, but really, you need to know, for your health,” she told me.

“I learned about it from Dr. Greg Poland, Mayo’s infectious disease expert at Mayo Clinic Rochester.”

“It’s what’s produced when you flush the toilet…effectively distributing whatever on EVERYTHING in that washroom,” is what he said.

“Yuck! So poo particles are flying everywhere in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Yep, and even leaving the toilet lid doesn’t help, because it’s not suctioned on—the particles are more than small enough to escape from under the lid. It’s like hoping a chain link fence will stop mosquitoes,” she told me.

Wow, I was horrified. I had no idea that little bits of number 2 were flying all over our bathrooms, sticking to soft surfaces like towels and toothbrushes, and making us sick.

“How dangerous is the toilet plume?” I asked her.

“EXTREMELY dangerous!” she said, “Toilet bacteria has been linked to many infectious and devastating illnesses in the United States, including

  • streptococcus
  • staphylococcus
  • E. coli
  • shigella bacteria
  • hepatitis A virus
  • common cold virus
  • various sexually transmitted organisms

“These are just a few of the microbial invaders that make a toilet plume so dangerous,” she explained.

Now I was terrified. No wonder Grandpa was getting so sick. And I felt horrible for doubting his hygiene. This man deserved respect and dignity, and we had been taking it away from him in his lowest moment.

“I know it’s scary,” the nurse told me, “But honestly, Airjoi bamboo charcoal bags handle the toilet plume like nobody’s business. They use the natural and powerful capability of bamboo charcoal to purify and detoxify.”

“There’s a reason that more and more Americans are learning firsthand how activated charcoal can purify the inside of their bodies. It is strengthens the immune system by attracting unwanted toxins and bacteria, then trapping and removing it,” she said

“When your body doesn’t have to fight against these toxic invaders, your immune system works stronger and harder than ever—and boosting your immune system is so important!”

“So how exactly do your Airjoi bamboo charcoal bags work?” I asked.

“It’s actually simple,” she said, “The tiny pores in the bamboo charcoal act as a magnetic sponge that soak toxins from right out of the air, snatching them and trapping them. The bacteria then is obliterated when the charcoal bags are recharged in UV light. It’s as simple as leaving the bags in a sunny window for a day, once every 6 months.”

Wow, that did sound simple! I thanked her and she asked me to promise her just one thing.

“Just take care of your Grandpa, and don’t throw him away in a nursing home like garbage,” she said, “You would want the same when you come to that age.”

I agreed, and thanked her again as she walked away. And then, I thanked God for honest Americans who spread the word about natural and effective products that don’t bring more toxins into our lives, like the big corporations and medical-industrial complex want.

When I got home, I looked up Airjoi bamboo charcoal. I wanted to see what other Americans had to say about it.

And I was blown away…

12,847 5-star reviews!!

Check out this review:

“Airjoi bamboo charcoal is something I recommend to all my friends, family, and patients, no matter the state of their immune system. All people can benefit from strengthening their external immune system, by cleaning and sanitizing their external environment. Airjoi bamboo charcoal cleans the trickiest and most capricious part of your external environment—the air. By trapping and. Obliterating airborne toxins and bacteria, Airjoi bamboo charcoal is guaranteed to make your environment healthier, cleaner, and safer.”

Dr. Gregory C. Polanski

When I saw there was a money-back guarantee, I knew I had absolutely nothing to lose.

I ordered 10 bags right away. I wanted to make sure Grandpa’s house was covered, and have a few for my house too. Now that I had learned about the toilet plume, I wanted to stop it before it hurt me!

When they arrived, I put them all around Grandpa’s place and my place. I hadn’t even noticed before, but the bags made my house smell so much fresher! I had been nose-blind to lingering stale odors, and I was so embarrassed to think of how my friends and family had been judging me.

Anyway, in addition to making our homes fresher, the bamboo charcoal saved ups from the toilet plume. How do I know? Grandpa never got sick again, and in fact, within a couple weeks had more energy than he did 10 years ago!

As for me, my lifelong acne TOTALLY cleared up! It was such an unexpected miracle.

I wanted to share my story, because more Americans need to know about the toilet plume, and how it can secretly, or not so secretly, make them sick!

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