Make Toilet Cleaning A Piece Of Cake with This New Foaming Powder

Written by: Samantha Georgeson, Senior Editor | Sunday, May 26, 2024

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No offense, but my son is nasty.

There’s nothing as terrible as teenagers—in my life, at least.

If anyone out there can truly deny it—I’d love to hear it!

Where does my expertise come from? My own teenage son. That boy acts like masking a mess is his job, and his favorite workplace is the bathroom. I swear, the toilet is like his own personal pet project.

When he went to college, I was excited to finally get a break from cleaning up after his toilet disaster zone. And I did get a breather for a little while…

Until I visited his dorm.

He attends a Christian university, which I approve of. What I don’t approve of it the fact that he shares his dorm bathroom with 20 other young men. Just imagine that toilet! It was like a nasty petri dish—I was surprised that they hadn’t yet grown some sort of swamp monster in there.

I was honestly concerned for my son’s health. No way it’s healthy for ANYONE to sit bare-cheeked on a bacterial warzone, no matter how young and invincible they think they are. We all know that germs and things can crawl right onto anyone. It gives me the creeps just to think about it.

After I came out of the bathroom, I asked my son why on earth the toilets were so nasty. He said that everyone in the dorm was supposed to share toilet-cleaning duty, but none of the boys wanted to do it. And no wonder! Who would want to tackle that nasty toilet mess!?

Now, for the record, I would have loved nothing more than to tell my son to clean those toilets RIGHT AWAY. But it wouldn’t be fair to make him do all the work for his whole dorm, and I didn’t want to be THAT mom. I bit my tongue, and went home, wondering if there was anything I could do.

And the more I wondered, the more worried I got. I just couldn’t STAND the idea of my darling son getting sick from a nasty dorm toilet. I needed to find some way to help him—I needed to find a way to clean toilets that even teenage boys could handle.

I decided to use my guest bathroom as my test toilet, so I could be ready to help my son face down the toilets in the dorm. I put a smear of peanut butter at the bottom of my toilet. I figured—if I could find an easy way to get rid of the peanut butter without scrubbing, I would have a solution for my son.

So then, I tried every cleaning solution I could think of. Most of us have used these solutions: blue tablets, vinegar, bleach, baking soda… and what did they all have in common? They were USELESS! The peanut butter was still stuck down there, and even worse? There was a yellow ring forming that looked like it would stain my toilet forever.

I honestly felt like giving up. I got a break when I went to visit my sister across the country, to help out after her back surgery. It was not the most fun reason for a visit, but at least I wouldn’t be looking at that nasty toilet every day.

But now I know how lucky I was. I was in the airport bathroom, fixing my makeup, when I noticed something unusual.

I smiled at the female janitor as she walked in and started cleaning the stalls. That’s when I noticed it—she was in and out of each stall so quickly. After she finished wiping everything in the bathroom down, she went back with a brush, scrubbed for a second, and flushed each toilet. No long, hard scrubbing, no fuss. How the heck had she cleaned the toilets without scrubbing, and so quickly??

I asked her to tell me her secret.

“Oh, easy!” she said with a bright smile, “It’s called Splash Toilet Cleaner—it’s the easiest, fastest, and most effective toilet cleaning product that I’ve ever come across.”

“Really? How does it work?” I asked.

“I just put a scoop in the toilet, let it soak, give it a quick brush, and then flush it down,” she explained, “It removes all the grime in the bowl, even when the other janitors skip their duty, and it gets rid of stains, too! I was SHOCKED at the difference it made the first time I used it.”

“Wow, that sure seems too good to be true,” I said, suspicious, “How come I’ve never even heard of it?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, “It’s only available online right now, I guess.”

I went to my gate to wait for my flight, and decided to look up Splash Toilet Cleaner online. I needed to know if I really found the perfect solution for my son!

I did a little more digging, and read more about Splash. I saw that Splash is made with a special formula that incorporates surfactant technology, which works on a molecular level to rapidly separate and destroy the grime that builds up on porcelain. It said that the porcelain will be like new, with only a little soak, brush, and flush.

It said that even lime buildup and old stains were destroyed by the Splash chemical formula, and that it’s septic safe, too.

I still wanted more information, though, so I decided to check out some reviews!

I was SHOCKED by what I found!

There were 8,193 5-star reviews!

What is Splash Toilet Cleaner?

It’s a scrub-free cleanser, the second it touches water, it instantly expands in the bowl. Foam immediately covers the bowl, destroying stains and limescale build up.

Not only does it clean the bowl of the toilet, it also actively cleans into the drain!

It’s also not just for toilets! Because it reacts in any water, it can be used in bathroom skins, kitchen sinks, washing machines, all kinds of tile floorings and other hard to reach areas!

So, how does it work?

The powerful chemicals that are in Splash Toilet Cleaner react to water making a very strong foam. The foam expands to completely cover the toilet bowl.

The foam works to break down the dirt and stains. After about 30 minutes the foam has bonded with the dirt chemically and once rinsed away, it leaves a clean bowl.

The secret? It’s in it’s NanoTech formula, the formula is so strong that the chemicals in the foam start to form bonds with the stains.

Quickly deodorizing and dissolving build up from:

  • Limescale deposits
  • Calcium reservoirs
  • Rust build up
  • Hard water scaling

The great news is it’s 100% safe to touch and doesn’t irritate the skin.

But, you might be thinking, is it really worth the hype?

Well, so far, Splash Toilet Cleaner has sold over 10 million units! These orders have been directly to consumers, even without taking the easy route of selling in stores!

Splash Toilet Cleaner has actually been SELLING OUT every time there is a new stock available!

It’s become, THAT, popular.

It’s all from word of mouth. Because people just like you or me, are loving it so much that the reviews alone, are letting people know about it!

Splash Toilet Cleaner has actually started to develop a sort of cult following. With over 14,000 of it’s verified customers reviewing with 5-Stars, look what they’re saying:

Seriously, I’ll never be without this

“One of a fears in life of mine is using a dirty toilet. With 3 teenagers at home, I have unfortunately been exposed to dirty toilets more than I would like to be. But with Splash Toilet Cleaner, life is so much easier! I just simply drop some in, and watch the foam do all the work, just rinse it down after and you’re DONE!”

Does the job… literally.

“Cleaning houses for a living has put me in proximity with too many disgusting toilets! When I heard about this product, I didn’t think twice about buying it and giving it a try. I mean I was totally skeptical at first, but now I’ll never go back to scrubbing… This has saved me so much time, and my clients are always so impressed!”

One of my best purchases this year

“AMAZING! Just do yourself the favor… get Splash Toilet Cleaner now. I mean, unless you enjoy scrubbing toilets?!”

And when I saw there was a money-back guarantee, I knew I had nothing to lose by trying it. I decided to take action on behalf of my beloved son, and order some Splash foaming cleaner, right away.

But when I went to order, they were SOLD OUT! But now that I had a solution, I wasn’t giving up that easily.

I kept checking the Splash website until they were back in stock a few days later. I clicked the BUY NOW button so fast my head was spinning! I felt such a huge sense of relief knowing that a possible solution for my son was on its way.

The second the Splash Toilet Cleaner arrived, I rushed to my nasty peanut butter toilet and put a scoop in, like the instructions said. I watched the powder interact with the water like it was an amazing movie—it was so fun to watch!

After I let it soak for 30 extra minutes (the toilet was too nasty for a regular soaking point at this point!), I grabbed my brush and gave it a quick little scrub.

Then, I flushed…

And I was STUNNED. After the water settled, the toilet looked BRAND NEW!! No more peanut butter, no more ring stain.

And best of all—it was accomplished with no scrubbing!

I was astonished that there was such an easy solution to the problem I had been struggling so hard against!

I was so happy that Splash had passed the test I made in my home, so now it was time for the real test—the nasty dorm toilet. Was Splash up to the task of the mess that 20 teenage boys made?

All I could do was try.

The next time I went to the dorm, I gave my son a tub of Splash. He looked at me like I was nuts, but he shrugged and promised he would give it a shot.

Long story short—this is what my son told me when he called me the next day.

He tried the Bowl Sparkle on one of the dorm toilets to see if it worked, and sure enough—it did! Now my son is like the king of the dorm, and all the other boys are getting their parents to buy them Bowl Sparkle for their turns at the toilets.

So now, their dorm has the cleanest toilets on campus. Even better—my son and his dormmates barely ever get sick, when most kids get sick multiple times their freshman year, with the crowded and unsanitary conditions.

And even for an old lady like me, the Splash cleaner is life-changing. I am never scrubbing and fussing ever again! I just let Splash work its magic once or twice a month, and my toilets have never looked better!

I recommend Splash Toilet Cleaner to everyone who uses a toilet—which means it is recommended for EVERYONE!

How much does it cost?

Splash Toilet Cleaner costs $19.95 for a box. If you only use it once every 2 weeks, it will last a whole year.

Is it worth it?

If you’re like me (and most Americans) then ABSOLUTELY yes.

Not only does this save you time and money, but there is no more cleaning or scrubbing involved!

Considering that you would probably pay the same price (probably more) on traditional toilet cleaners, this is really a no brainer!

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