This Revolutionary Toilet Cleaner Removes Tough Stains in Seconds

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My toilet was killing me.

I know that sounds melodramatic, but trust me, my toilet was nastier than anything I’d ever seen. It looked fine when I moved in, and I don’t know how they did it, because the toilet had one huge problem—LOW water levels.

With the water level that low, the toilet got disgusting pretty much as soon as I did a number 2, and was almost impossible to clean. I brushed every time with bleach, and it was so nasty, I felt like I was flicking poop and bleach all over my face whenever I did it.

And it was probably true, too, because I started getting sick! My skin was breaking out, my nose was itching all the time, and I had developed a weird cough. Everything else in my life was the safe, so I knew it was my nasty toilet.

And I tried EVERYTHING to make the cleaning better. I messed with the tank to try to raise the water level, I tried every cleaner I could get my hands on, and NOTHING made my toilet situation any less disgusting.

When I called my landlord, he just laughed, “RENT AS IS, LADY!” and hung up.

I felt like I was totally on my own, but I realized there was one more trick up my sleeve.

It was time to go to a true expert.

I would have to reach out to my cousin, Kevin, even though I really didn’t want to. Kevin had a job as an expert toxicologist. That sounds really interesting, right? Well, just wait until getting stuck next to him at a family reunion, and getting more information than you ever wanted to know about all the poisons around you—including the poisons we eat and drink.

That stuff is so depressing!

Kevin had ALWAYS been interested in toxins. He was most obsessed with finding out the reactions in the human body with various toxins. He would even sometimes perform nasty experiments on little animals when we were children—that even freaked the adults out!

Because of all this, Kevin wasn’t our most popular cousin. But, we didn’t have to deal with him that often, so it didn’t matter too much. He was too busy to make most reunions since he had become an expert international consultant. His education in the disgusting had really paid off for him!

But I’ll be honest—no matter how rich he was, or how many famous criminal trials he testified in, he would always be Kooky Kevin to me.

And for once in my life, I was glad he was my cousin. I could finally benefit from his weird knowledge!

When Kevin picked up the phone, he told me he was about to get on a first class flight to London!

“I always have time for family, though!” Kevin said cheerfully.

“Thanks cuz!! Kevin Donnelly– the best cousin a girl could have!” I said, “I was worried such a famous toxicologist would be too busy for little old me.

Kevin chuckled, and said that of course he would always have time.

I smiled, and started telling him about my problems. How my new apartment was perfect other than my disgusting toilet, and how nothing could fix the low water. How cleaning it was a nasty nightmare, that was making me sick, and ruining my life.

When I finished talking, Kevin was worried, “Wow, that does sound awful!” he said.

“Is there anything I can do?” I asked, “Should I just find a new place to live? I don’t know if I could afford it.”

“No need for that!” Kevin told me, “I have an easier solution for you.”

“What is it?” I asked, desperate.

“It’s called Splash foaming powder, and it is absolutely amazing,” he said, “And I’m confident it will work for your low-water toilet, because it is specifically designed to do so! It was originally designed for low-water, septic system toilets, but it works just as well in conventional toilets.”

“So I won’t have to dump in pitcher of water anymore?” I asked.

He laughed, “Nope, not necessary! All it takes is one scoop of the powder, to interact with at least one tablespoon of water, and it will foam up right to the rim of the toilet, using surface area technology to get every inch.”

“That sounds great!” I said, “And from there, I just scrub all the mess away?”

“Nope, not even!” Kevin said, “Just let the foam sit for about 20 minutes, and it does all the work. The proprietary formula uses powerful scrubbing enzymes that interact with the unhygienic particles and bacteria, shredding them and trapping them below the surface of the foam, so there’s nothing escaping to get into the air, to make people sick.”

“Whoa—no work? Sounds great to me!” I laughed.

Kevin laughed too, “Well, no work is nice, but no dangerous particles in the air is even nicer—that’s how we can boost the external immune system, or the cleanliness of the home, preventing microbial invaders in the body.”

“Wow,” I said, “That sounds too easy. Could it really work on this nasty toilet mess? The buildup has been awful.”

“Yep!” Greg said, with no hesitation, “Splash Toilet Cleaner is the best and most powerful way to naturally kill toilet toxins. I even keep one in my suitcase and one in my carry-on bag to use on the strange toilets I encounter in my travels. It’s why I never get sick!”

I was impressed! This Splash stuff sounded like the real deal!

“Okay, great, sounds like Splash will be my next step,” I told him, “Where can I buy it?”

“It’s only available online,” he said, “That way they can keep costs down to give you the most powerful cleaning work for the least money.”

“Cool, thanks Kevin! Have fun in London!” I said.

I looked up Splashy Toilet Cleaner online. I wanted to double check that it worked before I spent my money.

As I kept reading the reviews, my skepticism faded. They we’re all amazing!

Here’s what I found:

What is Splash Toilet Cleaner?

It’s a scrub-free cleanser, the second it touches water, it instantly expands in the bowl. Foam immediately covers the bowl, destroying stains and limescale build up.

Not only does it clean the bowl of the toilet, it also actively cleans into the drain!

It’s also not just for toilets! Because it reacts in any water, it can be used in bathroom skins, kitchen sinks, washing machines, all kinds of tile floorings and other hard to reach areas!

So, how does it work?

The powerful chemicals that are in Splash Toilet Cleaner react to water making a very strong foam. The foam expands to completely cover the toilet bowl.

The foam works to break down the dirt and stains. After about 30 minutes the foam has bonded with the dirt chemically and once rinsed away, it leaves a clean bowl.

The secret? It’s in it’s NanoTech formula, the formula is so strong that the chemicals in the foam start to form bonds with the stains.

Quickly deodorizing and dissolving build up from:

  • Limescale deposits
  • Calcium reservoirs
  • Rust build up
  • Hard water scaling

The great news is it’s 100% safe to touch and doesn’t irritate the skin.

But, you might be thinking, is it really worth the hype?

Well, so far, Splash Toilet Cleaner has sold over 10 million units! These orders have been directly to consumers, even without taking the easy route of selling in stores!

Splash Toilet Cleaner has actually been SELLING OUT every time there is a new stock available!

It’s become, THAT, popular.

It’s all from word of mouth. Because people just like you or me, are loving it so much that the reviews alone, are letting people know about it!

Splash Toilet Cleaner has actually started to develop a sort of cult following. With over 14,000 of it’s verified customers reviewing with 5-Stars, look what they’re saying:

Seriously, I’ll never be without this

“One of a fears in life of mine is using a dirty toilet. With 3 teenagers at home, I have unfortunately been exposed to dirty toilets more than I would like to be. But with Splash Toilet Cleaner, life is so much easier! I just simply drop some in, and watch the foam do all the work, just rinse it down after and you’re DONE!”

Does the job… literally.

“Cleaning houses for a living has put me in proximity with too many disgusting toilets! When I heard about this product, I didn’t think twice about buying it and giving it a try. I mean I was totally skeptical at first, but now I’ll never go back to scrubbing… This has saved me so much time, and my clients are always so impressed!”

One of my best purchases this year

“AMAZING! Just do yourself the favor… get Splash Toilet Cleaner now. I mean, unless you enjoy scrubbing toilets?!”

After reading these reviews, I was pretty much sold. I had to try Splash Toilet Cleaner for myself.

And when I saw there was a money-back guarantee, I knew I had nothing to lose. I went to order some. But they were SOLD OUT!

I was determined, so I checked back every day until they were finally back in stock.

I ordered a 2 years supply right away. I was going to make sure I had plenty. Plus, the more I bought, the bigger the discount. I felt so relieved when I clicked BUY NOW and got my order confirmation email.

When they arrived, I couldn’t wait to try it on my nasty toilet.

I put a scoop in like Kevin said, and prayed. And just like he said, it actually started foaming up, right away! I found it kind of funny to watch, so as strange as it sounds I just sat on the edge of my tub, watching the foam come up. I was almost worried that it was going to overflow! But like Kevin said, it just came to the rim, and stayed there.

I let it sit for 30 minutes since my toilet was extra gross, then flushed.

I was hoping the toilet would look a little bit better, but it didn’t…

It looked BRAND NEW!!

I was amazed, and so happy. Finally, I wouldn’t have to be ashamed of my toilet anymore.

Ever since I started using Splash for my toilet, I have felt even better and more energized than I have in a long time, my skin cleared up, and my allergy symptoms are gone. I feel even better than I had before!

I didn’t realize how much my nasty toilet was affecting me, until it wasn’t anymore.

Anyway, I wanted to share my story, in case anyone else out there needs some help with rotten bathroom situations.

How much does it cost?

Splash Toilet Cleaner costs $19.95 for a box. If you only use it once every 2 weeks, it will last a whole year.

Is it worth it?

If you’re like me (and most Americans) then ABSOLUTELY yes.

Not only does this save you time and money, but there is no more cleaning or scrubbing involved!

Considering that you would probably pay the same price (probably more) on traditional toilet cleaners, this is really a no brainer!

As of now August 20, 2020*Splash Toilet Cleaner is blowing up the internet and, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time 50% discount.