The All-in-One Bathroom Cleaning Product Everyone Needs to Own

Written by: Samantha Georgeson, Senior Editor | Thursday, June 13, 2024

I’m not a crazy minimalist or anything.

But I hate having extra stuff around my home. I live in a small studio apartment so every inch of space matters.

I’ve pretty much managed to make everything nice and tidy and neat.

But I had one main problem: my cleaning supplies waste too much room.

I had a spray for my shower, a scrubber for my toilet, a spray for my toilet, another spray to clean my sink – and it all takes up way too much room.

And to tell the truth, none of these different cleaning supplies works too well. At the end of the day, I always had to use a lot of elbow grease.

So I decided to be on the lookout for cleaning supply worked well for sinks, toilets, and showers. Ideally something would be low effort and effective. Something that will allow me to throw away my useless cleaning supplies and save room and save effort.

I know, I know, it sounds like an impossible dream, but I’m writing this blog post because I found something that actually works.

To practice I decided to smear bit of Nutella on the bottom my toilet and see if there is a hands-free way to make the Nutella disappear and leave me with a sparkling clean toilet.

If something could work on my toilet, I figured it could work on everything.

Well, I tried just about everything. Bleach, spray, just about every cleaner on the market.

Nothing worked to get rid of it without me having to stick my face in the toilet and scrub until I was gagging.

I found the solution in the most unexpected place.

I was going to the mall and I was in the restroom when I noticed a janitor. She went into each stall for about 30 seconds, then she went back into each stall and flushed all the toilets.

I was flabbergasted. I’d never seen somebody clean a toilet so fast. I had to ask her, “How is it possible to clean those toilets so fast? What’s the secret?”

She shrugged, then smiled at me, “My secret? Why it’s nothing other than Splash toilet cleaner. Just pour a little bit of Splash into the toilet and it foams up. And then a few moments later, depending on how deep the stains are, all ya got to do is flush. Best of all, it’s all-Natural and septic safe.”

“Can I use it to clean anything other than toilets?” I asked.

“Well,” she said, “it works on just about anything that water runs through, including sinks and bathtubs. But in those cases get the surface wet then sprinkle the Splash over it.”

Well, that seemed pretty unbelievable to me. But I resolved that once I got home I would look up the reviews of this so-called Splash toilet cleaner and see what regular folks like me had to say about it.

Here’s what I found:

What is Splash Toilet Cleaner?

It’s a scrub-free cleanser, the second it touches water, it instantly expands in the bowl. Foam immediately covers the bowl, destroying stains and limescale build up.

Not only does it clean the bowl of the toilet, it also actively cleans into the drain!

It’s also not just for toilets! Because it reacts in any water, it can be used in bathroom skins, kitchen sinks, washing machines, all kinds of tile floorings and other hard to reach areas!

So, how does it work?

The powerful chemicals that are in Splash Toilet Cleaner react to water making a very strong foam. The foam expands to completely cover the toilet bowl.

The foam works to break down the dirt and stains. After about 30 minutes the foam has bonded with the dirt chemically and once rinsed away, it leaves a clean bowl.

The secret? It’s in it’s NanoTech formula, the formula is so strong that the chemicals in the foam start to form bonds with the stains.

Quickly deodorizing and dissolving build up from:

  • Limescale deposits
  • Calcium reservoirs
  • Rust build up
  • Hard water scaling

The great news is it’s 100% safe to touch and doesn’t irritate the skin.

But, you might be thinking, is it really worth the hype?

Well, so far, Splash Toilet Cleaner has sold over 10 million units! These orders have been directly to consumers, even without taking the easy route of selling in stores!

Splash Toilet Cleaner has actually been SELLING OUT every time there is a new stock available!

It’s become, THAT, popular.

It’s all from word of mouth. Because people just like you or me, are loving it so much that the reviews alone, are letting people know about it!

Splash Toilet Cleaner has actually started to develop a sort of cult following. With over 14,000 of it’s verified customers reviewing with 5-Stars, look what they’re saying:

Seriously, I’ll never be without this

“One of a fears in life of mine is using a dirty toilet. With 3 teenagers at home, I have unfortunately been exposed to dirty toilets more than I would like to be. But with Splash Toilet Cleaner, life is so much easier! I just simply drop some in, and watch the foam do all the work, just rinse it down after and you’re DONE!”

Does the job… literally.

“Cleaning houses for a living has put me in proximity with too many disgusting toilets! When I heard about this product, I didn’t think twice about buying it and giving it a try. I mean I was totally skeptical at first, but now I’ll never go back to scrubbing… This has saved me so much time, and my clients are always so impressed!”

One of my best purchases this year

“AMAZING! Just do yourself the favor… get Splash Toilet Cleaner now. I mean, unless you enjoy scrubbing toilets?!”

Seeing all those reviews and seeing that they have a money-back guarantee I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by ordering even if there was just a small chance that I wouldn’t have to clean up my filthy toilet ever again.

I tried to order it right away…But they said that they were sold out! I was so disappointed. But I was determined so I went back and checked to see if they were back in stock every day for 5 days.

When I saw that they were back in stock I pressed that button with my finger so fast that I was practically lit on fire. I ordered extra to make sure I wouldn’t have to deal with them being sold-out again.

Now all I had to do was wait for my order to arrive. It arrived faster than I expected.

The moment I arrived I didn’t hesitate to use my toilet just like the instructions said…Now was the moment of truth.

Imagine my shock and delight when that Nutella stain disintegrated after the water foamed up, satisfying and blue.

There’s nothing as bad as a dirty toilet. And there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a nice clean toilet!

And thanks to Splash toilet cleaner that’s what I got!

The final test, of course, was whether it could work on my bathtub and my sink.

It did!

I was able to throw away half of my cleaning supplies and now I have another shelf of space to put what I actually want on it.

And best of all, I’m never gonna clean a toilet again. The rest of my life now on I’m gonna let Splash do the cleaning for me.

For anyone who hates cleaning toilets as much as I do, I couldn’t recommend it more. Thanks for reading

How much does it cost?

Splash Toilet Cleaner costs $19.95 for a box. If you only use it once every 2 weeks, it will last a whole year.

Is it worth it?

If you’re like me (and most Americans) then ABSOLUTELY yes.

Not only does this save you time and money, but there is no more cleaning or scrubbing involved!

Considering that you would probably pay the same price (probably more) on traditional toilet cleaners, this is really a no brainer!

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